Using and maintaining your URBO

Scooter Setup 

Setting up your scooter only takes a few minutes once your package arrives. 

  1. The handle grips will need to be screwed in - each side is marked appropriately.  
  2. The handbrake will need to be tightened to the steering column.  There is a small wrench included to do this. 
  3. The tires should be topped off to the appropriate PSI.  Pneumatic tires can loose pressure while in transit. We recommend keeping tires inflated between 45 - 50 PSI.

It's important to top up the tire pressure often, at least every other week when riding frequently.  Riding on low PSI can cause your tires to more easily puncture on develop leaks around the sidewall. 

  1. To get started riding, fold up the scooter and lock it into place using the metal latch, and slide the plastic clip over top to secure it in place. 
  2. The battery should come with a 60% charge, so you'll be ready for a test ride as soon as it's unboxed and set up. 


Scooter Startup

To start up your electric scooter, press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds.  To activate the throttle, remember to kick-push the scooter first.  It will need to be moving at greater than 3 kph before the motor engages.  This is a feature meant to preserve the battery life of the scooter, and can be optionally turned off. See below how to activate/deactivate

Kick Push to Start Setting Key: P2
On = 1
Off = 0
1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.
2) Press the menu button until the P2 setting is displayed.
3) Press the Power button to edit settings
4) Toggle to "0" using the Menu button to turn the setting off. Toggle to "1" to turn it back on.
5) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit set up mode.
* Please note that disabling this feature can reduce the battery life / range on your scooter since starting from a standstill requires extra power consumption. 

To turn the taillights On/Off, double-press the Menu button on the throttle. Please note, the blinking taillight will always be activated as a safety feature when braking, even if riding during the day.

How to Care for Your Scooter

  • Make sure the electric scooter charger and charging line are disconnected and ensure that the electric scooter is off before cleaning.
  • Wipe the shell with a soft cloth to clean the electric scooter. Do not lubricate the bearings, unless you are skilled in this practice.


  • Never clean your electric scooter with water. This may cause permanent damage of the electronic devices in the circuit board, and will void all warranties.




  • If you plan on not using your scooter for a period of more than a month, charge your electric scooter before this storage period. This will prevent the battery from being discharged for too long, which can cause permanent damage to the battery. Charge the battery at least once every two months.
  • Do not charge the battery in an environment where the temperature is lower than 0°C or higher than 30°C.
  • Store the electric scooter in a suitable place indoors. A dry and dust free environment is required.



  • DO NOT unscrew or tamper with any parts of your electric scooter. Only allow authorized repair centres to perform servicing on the Urbo scooter. Any modifications to the scooter will void the warranty.


    Driving your URBO

    The Urbo scooter has a IP54 waterproof rating.  The scooter can withstand light to heavy rain with no damage to the electronics.  Riding through puddles up to a a few inches would be safe given that the battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter, versus most scooters that have the battery installed under the floorboard. Leaving the scooter in the rain would be okay, however to prevent rust and premature aging of the scooter we would recommend that it's always kept indoors.

    URBO scooters can be ridden in cold temperatures, including below freezing.  However, expect diminished battery range and speed when riding in colder climates. 
    Since chemical reactions slow down in cold weather, all lithium battery types will suffer performance decreases in cold weather and can be expected.  Cold temperatures increase the internal resistance and lowers the capacity. A battery that provides 100 percent capacity at 80°F (26°C) will typically deliver only 50 percent at 0°F (-17°C).  
    If you don't plan on using your scooter in the winter months, it's best to keep the battery stored in an indoor temperature


    Cruise Control activation

    Cruise Control Setting Key: P1

    On = 1

    Off = 0

    1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.  The characters "P0" will be displayed. 

    2) Press the Menu button once more to change to the P1 setting (Cruise Control)

    3) Press the Power button edit this setting

    4) Click the menu button to toggle cruise control on/off

    5) Press the power button to save your changes

    6) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit setup mode.