How does an Electric Scooter work?

The electric vehicle market has made some amazing progress over the most recent 10 years because of various elements and headways in innovation. Familiarity with the risks of environmental change, material science advancements, and upgrades in battery energy technology has enable the electric passenger vehicles we see today.

These vehicles are green, less expensive than gas vehicles in both starting price and fuel and are helpful for movement in close roads just as for putting away in limited spaces. he reasonableness to execution proportion that progressions in innovation bear.

The frame is composed of an aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This creates a weight saving factor which is important especially in an electric vehicle and allows the battery to use less energy.

aviation aluminium alloy frame

One of the main reasons electric vehicles are possible are the great advances made in battery technology, specifically battery energy density. The battery of choice for most modern devices is lithium ion. These are in your phone, laptop, and now your electric vehicle!

URBO e-scooters use a 350W brushless DC motor. Brushless DC motors are common in industrial applications across the world. At the most basic level, there are brushed and brushless motors and there are DC and AC motors. Brushless DC motors, as you may imagine, do not contain brushes and use a DC current.

These motors provide many specific advantages over other types of electrical motors. Brushless DC motors typically have an efficiency of 85-90%, while brushed motors are usually only 75-80% efficient. Brushes eventually wear out, sometimes causing dangerous sparking, limiting the lifespan of a brushed motor. Brushless DC motors are quiet, lighter and have much longer lifespans.

To control the motor electric scooters use what is called a “motor controller”. The motor controller has a circuit board, and through sensors and software, reads incoming data and responds accordingly. It reads data from the battery, the throttle and the braking system.


rear disc brake e-scooter

The URBO has 3 different brakes

  • Front electronic brake
  • Rear disc brake
  • Rear foot brake

The URBO has a 24 kmh to 0 kmh braking distance of 6.5 meters.

A single brake lever controls both the regenerative and disc brake. Squeezing down on the brake lever just slightly activates the regenerative brake. Pulling further will also engage the disc brake. In case of an emergency there is a third brake available. This triple-redundant braking system allows for very fast, reliable stopping.

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