Changing habits towards electric green Cities

Electric scooter rider habits are changing dramatically.

After the coronavirus pandemic and the progressive lifting of global lockdown measures, electric last mile mobility will be taking on a significant new role in the lives of city residents. The effects are being clearly felt in Europe, where Valencia is experiencing a huge increase in the use of electric scooters.

Around the rest of the world as well, new data tell the story of how riders are engaging with electric micromobility vehicles in a variety of new and exciting ways. Here are the three most interesting statistics we expect to see in the post COVID world

1.) More First Time Riders

Around the world, an increasing number of people are trying micromobility for the first time. This is likely a result of several factors, including the need to socially distance, a reluctance to be in confined spaces and a reduced demand on public transportation to accommodate local trips.

The trend is particularly high in North America, where the percentage of first time Bird riders has more than doubled compared to pre-COVID levels.

2.) Nearly Twice as Many First Time Riders are Becoming Repeat Riders

A very promising trend is emerging as people choose between returning to cars or developing new, more sustainable mobility habits. According to Bird data pulled globally over the past month, new user retention rates are up more than 93%. This means that people who try electric scooters for the first time are quickly becoming repeat riders.

As urban air pollution levels threaten to return to normal post COVID, this significant increase in rider retention could help ensure that at least some of the environmental gains made during the global lockdown are kept.

3.) Scooter Rides are More Than 50% Longer

Some Cities have seen increase in both rides and ride duration seen post-COVID:
Initially was attributed this to a desire to be back outdoors experiencing fresh air and open space, but we’re seeing strong indications that it may be a much longer-term trend related to things like public transit concerns, nearly a thousand miles of new open streets and a spike in the construction of protected cycling infrastructure.”

Weeks later, this trend is continuing, highlighting an increased reliance on micromobility to facilitate longer local trips.

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